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Brownie Super Simple | Christmas Vegan

Brownie Super Simple Vegan Christmas Recipe Continuing our Vegan Christmas series, today's recipe is dessert: a delicious Vegan Brownie! The original recipe is from a channel, which calls "The Vegan Corner", I'll leave the link in the description, it's worth it, they make easy and delicious recipes. This recipe is very simple, you need only 6 ingredients. I'll get a sieve, a medium bowl...

Salada de Beterraba

Marinated Beet Salad | With Carrot and Walnuts | Christmas Vegan

Marinated Beet Salad Vegan Christmas Recipe In the Vegan Christmas series, the recipe for this video is a Marinated Beet Salad. Delicious, super simple and very healthy. You need: leaves, cooked and peeled beets, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, lime juice and walnuts. We're going to start marinating. Let's turn here the apple cider vinegar, the lemon juice, the melace, salt and...

pasta de espinafre

Spinach Pasta with Pepino | Christmas Vegan

Spinach Pasta with Pepino Vegan Christmas Recipe In this video of the series "Vegan Christmas", we are going to make a paste of spinach with cucumber. Super easy and great entry option: 150g of spinach, 350g of tofu, 1 chopped chives, 1 lemon juice, Salt to taste, ½ tablespoon fresh dill, Pepper to taste, 1 cup finely chopped cucumber. This recipe is super simple,...

natal vegano

Vegan Christmas – Vegan Christmas Dinner – Vegan Recipes

Vegan Christmas Vegan Christmas Dinner Christmas can be a challenging season for those starting out in veganism. Thinking about that, I made a special series with healthy and delicious recipes. You can make an entire vegan supper, you can choose one or two recipes and bring it to your family's supper. So you can impress your family with how veganism can be very healthy and...


Yoga for beginners # 08 – Posture of the Warrior [VIRABHADRASANA 1]

VIRABHADRASANA Virabhadrasana 1, the Warrior's Pose Front leg bent, rear leg stretched 45 degrees. The knee of the front leg exactly at the ankle line. Hip and shoulder forward. Relax the shoulders, joining the shoulder blades and opening the chest. Raise your arms, palms facing each other. You can interlace your thumbs or all fingers, except your index fingers. To go...

Chocolate Pudim

Chocolate Pudding | Made with Chia

CHOCOLATE PUDDING This recipe is chocolate pudding made with chia The ingredients are: chia, cocoa powder, a little bit of cane syrup and homemade coconut milk. The process is very simple. First, we’ll beat the coconut water with the coconut pulp, thus forming a coconut milk. But if you don’t have that, don’t worry. You can use rice milk, almond milk, any vegetable...


Veganism – Be the Change

Veganism Be the Change Hi! I'm Raquel. How are you? Today I'm here to talk a little about veganism. What is veganism? Veganism is much more than just a type of food, it is a lifestyle that benefits the Planet, animals and our health. Being literal, the vegan is one that does not consume any animal origin, both in food and in the things used in...