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Brownie Super Simple | Christmas Vegan

Brownie Super Simplebrownie

Vegan Christmas Recipe

Continuing our Vegan Christmas series, today’s recipe is dessert: a delicious Vegan Brownie!

The original recipe is from a channel, which calls “The Vegan Corner”, I’ll leave the link in the description, it’s worth it, they make easy and delicious recipes.

This recipe is very simple, you need only 6 ingredients.

  • I’ll get a sieve, a medium bowl and I’ll sift.
  • The flour and the cocoa, I will put sugar, grated coconut, yeast and the rice milk.
  • Now I’ll mix.
  • Now, turn in the form.
  • If your form isn’t non-stick, you can grease it.
  • Preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.
  • In the middle, you will turn the form.
  • It’s just like this, mix everything, put it in the form and in the oven.
  • Once it has been removed from the oven and allowed to cool, just cut and serve.
  • The brownie is ready and delicious.

A great dessert option is Twix Vegano, and the recipe is in this link.

That’s it!

God be with you, Merry Christmas, be the change!


Raquel Rache

O objetivo deste site de Veganismo e Yoga é inspirar as pessoas a levarem uma vida mais saudável e sustentável.

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