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natal vegano

Vegan Christmas – Vegan Christmas Dinner – Vegan Recipes

Vegan Christmas

natal vegano

Vegan Christmas Dinner

Christmas can be a challenging season for those starting out in veganism.

Thinking about that, I made a special series with healthy and delicious recipes.

You can make an entire vegan supper, you can choose one or two recipes and bring it to your family’s supper.

So you can impress your family with how veganism can be very healthy and delicious.

This supper is also a great option for people who don’t want to lose focus at the end of the year because it is super light and healthy.

The recipes are: Marinated beet salad, cucumber paste with spinach, white bean pâté with dried tomatoes, Portuguese chestnut puree, quinoa burger and vegan brownie.

Also, a great dessert option is the vegan twix, which I’ve already made in another video.

The list of ingredients for the complete supper is on the website.

Shall we try?!

Raquel Rache

O objetivo deste site de Veganismo e Yoga é inspirar as pessoas a levarem uma vida mais saudável e sustentável.

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