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Chocolate Twix | Vegan, Gluten Free and Delicious

Vegan Twix Chocolate Delicious candy gluten free Today's recipe is for when it hits that uncontrollable will to eat sweet: Twix Vegan. That's it! Twix, that chocolate that is biscuit, caramel, covered in chocolate, in the vegan version. For the biscuit: blend a cup of oat. Add half cup of hazelnuts and half cup of almonds and blend again. Add the molasses and peanut...


Protein consumption in vegan and vegetarian food – Be The Change

VEGAN PROTEIN Protein consumption in vegan and vegetarian food Hi! Rachel, how are you? Today I'm going to talk about a controversial subject, called: Protein. The first question, "I'm vegan," "Oh my God, where do you get your protein?" Well, yeah, people forget that the gorilla of that size is vegan, right people?! Does it lack protein? Would you face him? I wouldn’t want to, even...

Mingau de aveia e banana caramelizada

Oatmeal Porridge | With Caramelized Bananas

Oatmeal Porridge Oatmeal Porridge | With Caramelized Bananas A great option for breakfast, gives satiety and helps in the functioning of the intestine. The necessary ingredients are: Two cups of oats, two cups of vegetable milk, a little coconut sugar and vanilla essence to taste, and 2 bananas. Just put the two cups of oatmeal, the two cups of vegetable milk, coconut sugar...

Suco Rosa Mágico

Magic Pink Juice | Full of Nutrients

Magic pink juicePink Juice In this video, I'll show you one of my favorite recipes: Pink Juice. You need: beets, cabbage, optional mint, ginger, apple and cucumber. To prepare is very simple, just put all the ingredients in the centrifuge. If you don’t have a centrifuge, you blend it with a little water or coconut water and then strain. To know about veganism, subscribe! [embed][/embed] ...

Economizar água

The only way to save water really !!! – Be the change

How to save water Lack of water in the world Hi! Raquel, how are you? Today I'm going to talk about a super current issue that worries everyone: The lack of water in the world. A very serious matter, right? The water is becoming a luxury article, a species in extinction! The lack of water today is one of the most talked about subjects, you know. People...