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Twix 2.0 – Even more delicious! Vegan, Gluten Free and Healthy – Vegan Recipes

Vegan Twix Pie

Twix 2.0 – Even more delicious! Vegan, Gluten Free and Healthy


Whoever accompanies me knows that I love chocolate, and one of my favorite recipes.

I’ve ever made video here is the vegan twix.

This is an improved, improved, turbinated version of this recipe.

It’s super simple to do. In fact, it’s simple but it’s time consuming because of the caramel.

Caramel Preparation

The first step is this:

Take the coconut milk with the coconut sugar and boil until giving the caramel point.

Pie bases

While this is happening, we’ll prepare the pasta, which is with almond flour and rice flour, and the cover with ganache, which is coconut milk and chocolate.

Come on!

First step: Take a cup and a half of coconut milk, it can be homemade coconut milk or the one bought in the well-concentrated bottle, and here I have six tablespoons of coconut sugar.

I’ll play here and I’ll start the fire.

And now that I’ve moved, I’ll let it boil and cut it in half. I’ll show you the spot for you.

Now I’m going to get half a cup of rice flour, half a cup of almond flour, coconut oil (I’m using coconut oil without flavor, but it can be anyone, it may be normal too) two tablespoons of cane and a pinch of salt, just for the taste to stand out.

Then I’ll mix everything: Start mixing with the spatula and then the hand in the dough, and I’ll mix it to make the ingredients blend well, it will turn out like a modeling clay.

You’re making a sweet vegan full of love, full of life, delicious, healthy twix version.

And then the more you move, the more you notice that the dough begins to drop from the hand, and the caramel is boiling, and it will look like this, a beautiful ball, delicious, magical, not sticking, like a clay.

Now, before I open it in the pan, I’ll put it for about 10 minutes in the freezer.

Ganache preparation

So the dough will stay in the freezer for a few minutes, the caramel is boiling, meanwhile I’m going to make the topping – the chocolate ganache.

I’m going to warm up some water, I’m going to pour hot water here and I’ll put the coconut milk here to warm up a little bit.

I put boiling water here in this bowl and put the coconut milk to warm it up.

And the caramel is almost ready, I’ll turn off the fire. I put boiling water in this bowl and put the coconut milk in it.

You can see that it has warmed up, because it is very smooth, so what I am going to do now:

I am going to throw this coconut milk on top of this chocolate, it stirs and the chocolate is melting. Move carefully, fondly and move

And what you can do too, I came here the idea, is to return this here and put this here very carefully, because no way the water can enter the chocolate.

Only this is like a water bath, so it will help melt faster.

The chocolate is almost all melted, the caramel is ready, the dough is in the freezer.

Back to the whole

So as soon as I finish melting the chocolate, I’ll get the dough, I’ll put in the pans and I’ll take it to the oven for a few minutes.

I take the oven, I hope to cool a little and put the caramel on top.

It takes again to the freezer to give a chill for the caramel not to mix with the chocolate, shot of the freezer and I put the chocolate, I take to the freezer of new.

The melted chocolate is creamy, delicious, juicy. I’ll leave that ganache resting here and I’ll get the dough that’s in the freezer.

Here’s the cold dough, I now have two small doughs (or you can use a larger one), I’ll split the dough into two, kneading.

This is a form of removable bottom, to be well spread, very uniform. I kneaded it, it looked really beautiful, and now I’m going to knead the other half.

Now I’ll take these beauties to the preheated oven 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, until it turns golden.

Now the base is ready, so I’m going to take it out of the oven.

Now that I’ve taken the dough out of the oven, I’ll get the caramel that is in the refrigerator cooling, I’ll put it on top and I’ll put it in the freezer for a few minutes, just to give a hardened one, so the caramel does not mix with the ganache.

Take out the freezer, put the ganache on top and leave in the freezer for a few more minutes.

Now, I’m going to put the caramel up here, and then I’m putting the caramel on top and spreading it. When it cools it looks very creamy.

Now I’m going to put in the freezer for a few minutes to give a stiff one, because if I put the ganache it will now mix and I do not want that to happen.

So I’ll put it in the freezer in order to create this division. It’s been 10 minutes, I’m going to take it out of the freezer so we can finish the assembly.

You can see that even the color of the caramel has changed a bit, and now I’m going to put the ganache on top and the same process I did with the caramel, putting and spreading.

Spread well and return to the freezer for about 20 minutes, to be able to be hard to share. I took the freezer, now, very carefully, I’ll open the form.

Sometimes she’ll want to break, get a knife.

That was the twix pie recipe I love.

  1. First, we made the caramel, it boils.
  2. Then we made the base,
  3. and finally the ganache.

It was beautiful!

Now is the best time, time to eat.

Did it really feel good? I’ll prove!

This recipe was dazzlingly, deliciously, wonderfully good.

Do it at home, and then tell me, please, how you stayed, to make sure you’re going to love it.

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To the next!


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