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Yoga, Filosofia e Prática

In this video I tell a little bit how Yoga got into my life and I give tips for those that want to start practicing.

How Yoga Changed my Life

The benefits this practice go far beyond the physical benefits, it’s worth a try !!!

Yoga has changed my life and in this video I give tips for people who want to practice.

There are several types, one type for each different person.

I started practicing Bikram, that is in the room heated to 100 degrees. There are a lot of people who do not like it, I like it very much. I do not practice this type anymore because I like to vary and other types of Yoga have appeared in my life that are more practical for my day to day life and I can practice anywhere.

I started practicing through the body part, the Asanas. As I began to delve deeper into practice, I discovered a beautiful philosophy.

Try the types of Yoga you have in your area and find which one you like best! Find a teacher that energy is compatible with yours because Yoga is an activity that involves energy.

Yoga is much more than just putting your foot in the head and being flexible. Yoga is a philosophy and lifestyle that led me to vegetarianism and veganism.

In the beginning always respect your body and your limits, Yoga is for everyone and this is the coolest part of this practice 😉 Everyone can and should practice! And I recommend learning the beautiful Yoga philosophy that complements the physical part.

The Asanas are wonderful and powerful and teach you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations that trains the mind to face the challenges of everyday life, bringing calmness and patience to life!

Watch, I hope you like it!

Raquel Rache

O objetivo deste site de Veganismo e Yoga é inspirar as pessoas a levarem uma vida mais saudável e sustentável.

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